Cyclocrosser Bambula ended his career. He wants to stay with the wheels

“I was considering and discussing with doctors. In fact, I can say that I have renounced two years of racing because I would like to end up after the European Championship in Tábor. But health is more prominent, “he explained.

Clay (EK) has already strengthened the Olomouc football defensive, according to statistics

What is the difference from the previous ten rounds for Coach’s coach, when she could not keep a clean account back once again. Defensively, Sigma changed the bench’s boss. It’s more aggressive, responsible, and more compact. Since the honest work

Slovak Ladies Qualification Form: Search for the ideal set

The Slovak women’s volleyball team continues to prepare for the qualification for the European Championship 2013 to take place in Germany and Switzerland. The coach of Miroslav Chad has spread the tent in the Azerbaijan tent in the first round

Žilina humiliated Skalica: Three triumphs helped the triumph

ŽILINA – Jankovič was very good at the start of the match, but he ended up with none of the naked only to Laca. In the process, the pace of the game slowed, none of the goalkeepers had a lot

Hantuch is in the form, moved to the quarterfinals

CINCINNATI – Slovak tennis player Daniela Hantuchova has fought for the quarterfinals at the WTA tournament in Cincinnati, USA ($ 2 million). In the dramatic eight-finals for the first time in a career, Russia’s Veru Zvonarevova was overtaken by Russia

Zvolen was trampled with Poprad, he won after separate raids

ZVOLEN – Popradčanom missed in Zvolen Kroták, home returned to the assembly three key players Jurask, Brabenec and Škvaridlo, which was on the ice feel. In the 3rd minute it was ringing at the visitors’ corner with Puliš firing on

Twenty World Championships with Tax and Réway: The coach looks further than the quarterfinals

BRATISLAVA – The Slovak hockey “twenties” will spend Christmas holidays and the breakthrough for years at the world championship of this age category, which is now welcoming the Malmö (December 26, 2013 – January 5, 2014). Ernest Bokroša, the actor,

Sensationally succeeded in qualifying. The halls are covered in Iceland

BRATISLAVA. An island with geysers, volcanoes, occasional earthquakes, or a strong wind has overcome football’s passion. There are only 325,000 people living in Iceland and taking care of the record. Iceland has never played a country with a smaller number

Elias achieved 1,000 points in the NHL and 600 assists, Jurčo wounded

NEW YORK. Slovak ice hockey players did not play in the rich tenth-hour schedule of the overseas NHL. The New York Islanders and Jaroslav Halak played the second match in the goal. This time they did not get to Vancouver.

Cibulka tripped in 1st round. It drops in the rankings

BRATISLAVA. Who would say before the start of Wimbledon? Of the four Slovak tennis players in the main competition: Dominika Cibulkova (13th in the WTA), Daniela Hantuchova (29th), Magdaléna Rybáriková (122nd) and Jana Čepelová (178th), only 19-year-old qualifier Čepelová fought